An Innovative, Green, and Efficient Approach to Construction

Southwest SIPS

Incorporating off-site manufacturing, structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a cutting-edge and effective construction technique that may be used for a wide range of projects, from modest ancillary structures to public, private, and commercial buildings.

Two sheets of OSB3 (oriented standard boards) are attached to a sheet of rigid foam insulation to create SIP panels.

To create a structurally sound panel, these panels are crushed together under intense pressure and then bonded with specialised adhesive.

What are SIPS used for?

It's The Future Of Building

Buildings made with structural insulated panels are energy-efficient and appropriate for a variety of functions, making them one of the most efficient and sustainable building materials for projects such as:

Some SIP Benefits?

Rapid Construction Times

SIP panels offer a much faster site installation time than conventional building techniques like masonry or timber framing since they are prefabricated.

This causes the least amount of interruption on site and may produce a weather-tight structural shell in a matter of days. SIP construction can be up to three times faster than conventional construction.

A SIPs superstructure may be built quickly year-round because it is less weather-dependent than a typical brick and mortar structure.

Another SIP Benefit?

Low Energy Cost

The construction of SIPs are exceptionally airtight, and because less wood is needed than in typical timber frame construction, there are fewer cold bridges in the wall buildup and less energy is required to heat and cool the space.

This guarantees a healthy living environment and long-lasting performance of the building fabric.

This, along with the stringent manufacturing tolerances and quality control standards we adhere to, provide a very effective thermal envelope for your project.

How Do You Build With SIP Panels?